I’ve learned something about myself tonight.

I’ve been de-cluttering the kitchen.

Emptied the pantry 2 days ago, finally got around to finishing the job.  It’s been challenging, mainly because both my regular and recycling bins are now full to overflowing, but I can find ways around that.  (Hello, neighbours with shiny, empty bins).


The food part was ok, marrying up 35 different spice jars all containing the same ingredient took a while and involved a lot of coriander and cinnamon sprinkled on the floor, and discovering 4 bottles of fish sauce all 3 years out of date what somewhat disturbing knowing how recently I used them… but I digress.

What I discovered is not The Epiphany Of A Lifetime, but something so Captain Obvious and In Your Face I can’t believe I didn’t realise it before.  I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!  4 people reside in this house.  I am the only one who drinks hot beverages and I rarely have people over for coffee.  I do not need 14 coffee mugs.  I’d like to say that I didn’t realise I actually HAD 14 coffee mugs, because clearly I see them daily, and use them on a fair and equitable rotation basis (the one that’s clean), but I didn’t realise how utterly RIDICULOUS it is for me to have 14 coffee mugs.  5 of them are tiny Ikea ones I never use because they’re too small.  Why were they still in my cupboard?

I also quite literally fell over 11 plastic cups of varying sizes.  Cups of the drinking variety.  What am I planning to do?  Host a playgroup party at my house?  Unlikely, given that my youngest is 9 years old.  Why do I have this many?  I will tell you why.  Because the kids (and I) have a habit of taking them to our rooms, leaving them in hidden corners, assumed MIA, and I stupidly go out and buy more, thinking we don’t have enough drinking cups.

This entire concept has carried on in the same vein for most objects.  Coasters.  WE DO NOT USE COASTERS IN THIS HOUSE.  I have 36 of the buggers.  This one is a bit trickier, as most were gifts and I really, really like them.  I may make a mural.  At someone else’s house…

This might all sound utterly crazy, and in a way it is.  I knew I had this stuff.  I wash it, dry it, put it away (or not), drop it, curse its very existence Every Single Day.  And I don’t need even a fraction of it.  It’s not decorative stuff, it’s not even useful stuff, given the overabundance factor, it’s not sentimental (most of it) and it’s a pile of dust-collecting, cluttermongering, useless STUFF!

I’m done with stuff I don’t need.

Unless anyone has a spare bin.  I’ll take 2 of those if they’re going spare.