Why I love Evernote

I really do adore this application.  I discovered Evernote 18 months ago when planning an overseas trip, and found it an incredible way to store travel documents, itineraries, photos, links to attractions, restaurants and more that we wanted to visit.  No matter where I was – in an airport lounge, on the road, in a hotel, I had access to every single tidbit of information I had ever considered regarding this trip.  That’s pretty awesome!


On my return I started very slowly to expand my selection of notebooks – one for recipes, one for links to articles I found interesting, One to store images and ideas for a website I was helping a friend to build, one for receipts and so on.

But it’s only recently, since I first started this journey into simplifying my life, that I’ve put my mind to setting up a comprehensive online filing system with the ultimate goal of going as close to 100% paper-free as I can.

I have scanned and saved everything I think I may need – medical records, school records, bills, receipts, warranties, kids’ artwork, important documents, resources to help the kids with their homework and so much more.  Even better, as a single parent I can share the school notebooks with my ex husband and he can access all of the same records when needed.

I can’t recommend Evernote highly enough!  I realise that many people have serious concerns about privacy, and I admit this has given me a small niggle of worry from time to time, but when it comes right down to it, if some international spy agency *really, really* wants to see a photocopy of my passport, review my favourite vegetarian recipes and see how much money I spent on my last laptop, they can do so without Evernote!